Empowering limitless materials

Power DIW

Expanding the horizons of custom manufacturing with an infinite spectrum of materials and advanced design through most innovative additive solutions.


The Direct Ink Writing (DIW) technology utilizes a controlled ink deposition system, where materials such as ceramic, metal, and polymers are transformed into three-dimensional objects.

At Power DIW, we have taken this technology to the next level with a patented high-force extrusion system, enabling the precise creation of parts with high-load materials and technical complexity. This innovation sets us apart by offering a unique ability to print with advanced materials and achieve exceptional results.

What sectors are we in?

Discover how Power DIW revolutionizes various sectors with innovative additive manufacturing solutions.

Innovative Research

Promote innovation with precise testing of advanced materials in real prototypes, facilitated by machines tailored to your needs.

Medical – Dental

Excellence in precision and customization of implants with leading-edge materials, providing superior performance for the patient.


We manufacture solutions for efficient energy with innovative catalysts, leading the transformation of the sector.


Advanced manufacturing for adaptive solutions across various industrial needs, leading in innovation, versatility, and efficiency.


Need more information?

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